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Computationally efficient diffusion models that generate photo-realistic avatars and images on local systems. No more massive computational dependency, we provide cost and energy-efficient solutions for industries across verticals.

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eNL has members in Ann Arbor, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Toronto, Canada; Bangalore, India; and Kerala, India. The technical activities of eNL are led by Dr KP Unnikrishnan

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Capsule Networks: Some Open Questions

KP Unnikrishnan1 We discuss some open questions in Capsule Networks and present potential modifications that can bring their architectures closer to that of mammalian sensory systems. This will lead to better efficacy. INTRODUCTION Perception includes Read more…

Neuroscience Can Help AI

At eNeuroLearn, we will occasionally blog on aspects of Neuroscience, AI, and matters in between. These blogs are aimed at practitioners of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI.  This post briefly introduces some unique aspects Read more…

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